Galvanized angle steel

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Galvanized angle steel is divided into hot-dip galvanized angle steel and cold-dip galvanized angle steel. Hot dip galvanized angle steel is also called hot dip galvanized angle steel or hot dip galvanized angle steel. The cold galvanizing coating mainly ensures the full contact between zinc powder and steel through the electrochemical principle to produce electrode potential difference for anti-corrosion.

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Appearance quality

The surface quality of angle steel is specified in the standard. Generally, there shall be no harmful defects in use, such as delamination, scar, crack, etc.

The allowable range of geometric deviation of angle steel is also specified in the standard, generally including bending, edge width, edge thickness, top angle, theoretical weight, etc., and it is specified that the angle steel shall not have significant torsion.


Galvanized angle steel is widely used in power tower, communication tower, curtain wall materials, shelf construction, railway, highway protection, street lamp pole, marine components, building steel structure components, substation auxiliary facilities, light industry, etc.

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